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 Post subject: wiring diagrams
PostPosted: Thu Oct 16, 2014 6:05 pm 

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I have a 1972 French Haf, so a civilian model. Consequently the low voltage side of the starting side of the electrical system is basic as as it could be. Battery, solenoid, voltage regulator, dynastarter. As I understand it originally the battery would have been earthed directly to,the battery box. Have I understood this correctly?

Mine has been modified at some point and the battery i think has been earthed to the rear bash plate where it joins the rear of the body. I can only assume this as most of the electrics were disconnected when i took possession.

Now the questions. Is there any other part of the electrical system that has a direct earth by way of cable apart from the battery?

Secondly what is the recommended routing of the battery cable to the solenoid?

The wiring diagram in my repair manual is not of much use as it suggests it does not even have a solenoid.




Doug Hart

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 Post subject: Re: wiring diagrams
PostPosted: Thu Oct 16, 2014 7:28 pm 
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The Haflinger was designed as Negative Earth, so the negative side of the battery would be connected to the metalwork of the vehicle to provide a return path for the electricity.

Originally, the negative terminal of the battery would have been a relatively short cable to one of the mounting bolts for the battery box, long enough so you could pull the battery out on to the battery box flap.
The Earth cable COULD just as easily, follow the route of the positive cable and then be attached to the bodywork (platform) either on the outside or inside the firewall, or even directly on to the engine. Electrically, these would all be the same.

The positive cable would have been long enough to go to the back of the battery box, through a grommeted hole, up into the central rail of hte platform, along one of the ledges until it enters the engine bay via a grommeted hole in the fire wall. When looking from the back of the vehicle it would turn to the right, follow the fire wall just below the lip of he platform and connect to the starter solenoid in the corner. Some earlier variations had he starter solenoid incorporated in the voltage regulator box which would have been fixed in the corner.

The can be an issue with earthing problems for the metal front Haflingers in that the metal front is fitted INTO the platform section and has a sealant of some kind smeared between the two. It relies on the bolts to provide the electrical earth connection between the two bit of metal. This can, due to corrosion some time not be very good. Simple fix is to run an earth strap / cable from a mounting point behind the dashboard down to somewhere like the dip switch mounting bolts and use that ensure a good ground return route to the battery.

Oh yes, I was going to measure Lurch's rear seat lids for you - will go and do that now!


Haflinger 703AP LWB 1973 - (Once owned by Lady Sutherland & Sons.) Now called "Lurch" !

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